Chord Tone Mastery for Electric Bass (FP)

Chord Tone Mastery for Electric Bass!

“Unlock Your Inner Musician…
Now It’s Your Turn to Burn!”

In this one of a kind, step-by-step book (the only book you’ll ever need for bass improvisation), if you practice the material at your own pace, just for starters you will:

  • Feel comfortable playing chord tones over any chord and in any key
  • Develop a “high-level” of technical ability and lightning fast execution across the fingerboard
  • Be able to quickly hear how every chord tone fits over multiple chord types
  • Understand how to practice chord tones with clarity, purpose and direction
  • Learn how to play over chord changes by melodic ideas
  • Begin to internalise melodic embellishments, along with “stealth-like” intervallic and rhythmic concepts
  • Be able to hear and understand “melodic-rich” upper structure extensions
  • Attain a new level of confidence and freedom as an improvising bassist
  • Over 1000 Chord Tone exercises included

Plainly and simply, the material covered in this book will revolutionize your bass guitar technique exponentially! As a teacher and clinician, Joe has seen this exact methodology work consistently for both himself and countless years as a teacher – teaching some of the best bass players on the planet including Pino Palladino! By finding the weakest areas of your technique, there is no way to avoid making major leaps and bounds when you put these concepts into purposeful practice.


“But wait- that’s not all!”

Get these FREE lessons (PDFs) just to make sure that you have a good understanding of the material in the book!

  • “Track & Measure” practice schedule chart to keep track of your day-by-day improvement
  • “Cycles of Movement Blueprint” that will lay a solid foundation for understanding how to play over chord changes
  • “Horizontal Arpeggios Chart”- Tackle these shapes first to understand the skeletons of all the chord types
  • “Master Scale Guide”- There are so many scales to choose from; learn the scales in this guide for maximum potential to burn
  • “Harmonic Functionality Flow Chart”- Learn how all the chord types function within the first two layers of functional harmony

Now, imagine that’s all going to start today!

Over 1000 Chord Tone Exercises Included!

And Two Bonuses!

Price: £34.99 (Approx. $42.75)

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