72 Essential II V I Lines

72 Essential II V I Lines

72 Essential II V I Lines

There are no other chord changes in the idiom of jazz that are used with the kind of perpetuity that the II V I progression provides. Many are led to believe that II V I patterns are diatonic and therefore you can just play the same scale over all three chords. But…this is not how the masters of jazz approach this. Instead, there are a myriad of possibilities to be found by understanding how to create essential II V I lines through embellishing chord tones with applications such as: chromatic approach notes, altered vs. natural dominant chord variations, scale passing tones, diatonic approach notes, melodic cells, mixed major and minor II V I applications and triad pairs (to name a few) that you can continuously discover and apply new and fresh melodic material to your improvised solos.

In this eBook, 72 Essential II V I Lines, bass educator Joe Hubbard has broken this subject down into six different common categories of how the II V I progression is often presented to the improviser. This will include 72 different lines & “flow drills” that outline the II V I progression that will not only help you to get the sound of the II V I progression under your fingers and into your ears as applied to the jazz idiom, but also how it applies to other styles of music. As well as three etudes over well-known jazz standards, including both performance & practice backing tracks.

In this book You Will Learn:

green_tick_smallHow to hear the II V I progression with more clarity

green_tick_smallHow to improvise interesting lines over II V I progressions

green_tick_smallUnderstand the 6 different categories that II V I progressions appear in

green_tick_smallDevelop a fluency with altered dominant lines

green_tick_smallUnderstand what to play over major vs. minor II V I patterns

green_tick_smallHow to improve your technique when improvising with these lines

green_tick_smallDevelop a repertoire of playing II V I lines over jazz standards

green_tick_smallIncrease your jazz vocabulary exponentially!

 For all bass clef instruments. Includes Tablature & Backing Tracks. Immediate download available in PDF!
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