Jeff Andrews Walking Bass Line Master Class

If You Can’t Play Jazz Walking Bass Lines…Your Bass Playing Will Suffer!

Because All Real-Life Performances Are Based on Being Able to Play Accompanying Bass Lines…

Jeff Andrews Walking Bass Line Master Class

There’s only 2-things that you will ever be asked to do as a bass player:

1). Play accompanying bass lines in a variety of styles

2). On the very rare occasion, you might be asked to play a solo.

In 39 years of teaching bass players from all over the planet, it amazes me that, so few have the skills to play accompanying bass lines where they are outlining the harmonic structure of the given song with confidence while being creatively uninhibited. Oh, many will try to copy repetitive riffs, but that doesn’t do much for being able to improvise your way through a set of chord changes while making each new section of the song come to life with a variety of musical concepts and principles that will enhance both the melodic and rhythmic content of the performance.

“There’s No Better Way to Develop Your Accompanying Bass Playing Skills other than Learning the Hidden Details of Jazz Walking Bass Lines Handed Down by The Masters!”

Here’s the problem: Many bass players will recognise this and as a solution will purchase a “How to Play Walking Bass Lines” book as a catch-all problem solver. But sadly, after working their way through the book, they still can’t play interesting lines over 12 choruses of a Blues progression.


The reason is simple- they aren’t connected to the source, which is the music! To understand steadfast walking bass line principles that have stood the test of time…you need to study the lines of the great jazz masters.

What’s the Solution?

One of the missing links in bass education is studying and understanding the analysis of what is being played. Another stumbling block when it comes to bass line transcription, is that most bass players will not transcribe 18 choruses of somebody walking through a blues progression or jazz standard. And thirdly, analysis is not a subjective subject- it must be based on solid musical principles that have been around for hundreds of years.

An Approach that Anybody Can Learn

By using transcription as a basis, along with a note-by-note analysis, I have put together a new learning package featuring the walking bass line transcriptions of one of the most legitimate electric bass players – Jeff Andrews – who has played with the likes of Mike Stern, Michael Brecker, Bob Berg, Wayne Shorter, Steps Ahead and Vital Information just to name a few. With over a thousand bars of transcribed lines and 10,000 words of analysis, The Walking Bass Line Master Class reveals a host of musical concepts for you to takeaway and apply to any given song you are presented with.

The benefits of the walking bass line concepts that are present within this book far outweigh any stand-alone walking bass line book that I have seen, including my own. Every tune in this book has a plethora of information that pushes the boundaries of rhythm, melody and harmony including:

Chord Tones
Diatonic Approach Notes
Scale Passing Tones
Hemiola Patterns
Pedal Points
Chord Substitution
Intervallic Inversions
12-Tone Rows
Upper Structure Chord Tensions
Chord Substitutions
Ghost Notes
Whole Tone Patterns
And So Much More…

You’re probably familiar with the feeling of going to a jam session and seeing another bass player perform who sounds so much more confident and fuller of great musical content when they are playing accompanying bass lines.

Now, imagine if that was YOU!

Picture what it would be like to play great accompanying bass lines and witness people snapping their attention to what you are playing as you find yourself pulling off ideas that are more creative, slick and engaging than anything you’ve experienced before.

Imagine yourself confidently burning through a walking bass line over fast changes where you are coming up with an endless flow of ideas from chorus to chorus.

If you take action on the lessons in The Walking Bass Master Class, I’m confident that the scenes I’ve just described are not just fly-by-night fantasies, but rather, commonplace experiences that will enrich your musical journey as a bass player starting right now!

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