Alien Nation

“Alien Nation” by Joe Hubbard
is now available!

“Alien Nation” is the first single release in a new recording project by Joe Hubbard.

This track features the formidable keyboardist George Whitty (Michael Brecker, Dave Sanborn, Santana, Brecker Bros.) and the legendary jazz fusion drummer Tom Brechtlein (Chick Corea, Robin Ford, Wayne Shorter, Al DiMeola).


You can download the song; the music minus one play-along tracks; as well as the individual charts and composite score as composed by Joe Hubbard.

The music minus one play-along tracks are available for both bass (including tablature), as well as drums and will enable you to ‘sit in’ and play with the band on an extremely challenging track.

This learning process can be very useful in replicating an actual performance, while having the opportunity to play virtually with these world class musicians.

Historically, many of the great jazz musicians, from Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus, Miles Davis to Jaco Pastorius have made known that a large part of learning how to compose songs was achieved through studying and analysing the scores of other composers.

This will allow you to get inside of the ‘compositional process’ of this track, enabling you to see the bigger picture of small band composition and how all the individual parts fit together to form a greater whole.

“I have purchased the Alien Nation Play-Along Bundle and love what you do for us, its nice to see how the pros put it all together , I think this is awesome- thank you!”
— J. Fuoco

“Just got the Alien Nation track…That’s Funking awesome Joe!!  Lovely, interweaving lines from yourself and George and the drums give excellent support and energy with the expression of the groove.  Your playing is superb on this Joe…possibly the best I’ve ever heard you play!!” –T. Godel 

Click below to listen to the Alien Nation Sample Track:

Are you ready to take your skills into a whole new dimension? If so, take advantage of this great new play-along package!

“I picked up the alienation bundle this past monday and all I can say is that I have my work cut out for me! Thanks for taking the time and effort to make available your musical knowledge to those of us who want to learn this art form- you have done wonders for my playing and my desire to continously learn. Words are incapable of expressing my gratitude!” –S.Brown

“My pal the great Joe Hubbard, steps up on this one and delivers big-time. Otherworldly Bass grooves man. That ubiquitous white light pops on overhead, your engine dies, on a lone country road, and Joe solos.   Soon…you too will be abducted by Alien Nation.” –Dann Glenn (guitarist, composer)


BASS PLAYERS PLAY-ALONG BUNDLE: £5.50! ($6.85 Approx.)

alien nation bass

  • Alien Nation Track (with all instruments)
  • Bass Play-Along Track (minus bass guitar)
  • Professional Bass Chart
  • Bass Chart with Tab
  • Composite Score (two staves)
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DRUMMERS PLAY-ALONG BUNDLE: £5.50! ($6.85 Approx.)

alien nation drum


  • Alien Nation Track (with all instruments)
  • Drum Play-Along Track (minus drums)
  • Drum Chart
  • Composite Score (two staves)
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