Here’s a video of me playing a solo bass arrangement of Horace Silver’s Peace.

New solo bass piece I wrote with some angular harmony.

Here is a new tune that I demoed on my laptop with Danny Gotlieb on drums.  I played bass and keys.

Here’s my interpretation of Ornette Coleman’s Ramblin’.  I played the melody as a slap bass thing.  Lots of energy with Mike Outram playing guitar.

This is a demo of an original composition that I wrote about my travels in Los Angeles.  This will be one of the tracks I will include on my new CD, although not in this form, but recorded with live musicians.  This track is mostly programmed, but I still managed to evoke a lot of energy with it.  Just imagine how intense it will sound with a live band.

Here is another song I wrote that I dedicated to my daughter.  Damon Brown played trumpet on this tune.  Hopefully, I will record this with trumpet player Patches Stewart in the very near future as I wrote this with Patches in mind.

This track – Sonic Bop – is a real “finger twister.”  This is one of the intense tracks from my CD Vanishing Point featuring Marcus Miller’s trumpet player Patches Stewart and keyboard wiz Peter-John Vettese.  To download the PDF transcription of Sonic Bop go to Joe’s Cool Free Bass Stuff page.


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10 Responses to Listen

  1. Jay-Tee says:

    Joe my friend how are you it’s been a while 15 years …. or so ….

    Greetz : Jay-Tee

  2. Joe Hubbard says:

    Brother Jay!
    Man, has it been that long? I checked out your CD preview on YouTube and it sounds awesome. You’re still the hardest grooving bass player out there!

    I’m in Antwerp in November. If you are in the area, maybe we can hook up?

    PM me at: and let’s catch up bro.



  3. Nic Miles says:

    Hey Jay-Tee get in line man, it’s been 20+ years since I was one of Joe’s disciples!
    Welcome back Joe to truly one of the greatest bassist’s ever.

  4. Joe Hubbard says:

    Hi Nic

    Nice to hear from you! The next time you are in London, let’s get together for sure.

    Hope you are well…



  5. hughie says:

    Sublime …

    I listened to Hubbards Cupboard so much when i started playing bass and it is so fantastic finding your site!

    So cool .. thx. 🙂

    Hughie Poole

  6. kalim says:

    It’s great to see Joe “Precision” Hubbard back – you will know what I mean when you hear the Vanishing Point CD – its phenomenal not only from a technical point but most importantly compositional and which is still very rare these days in my opinion.

  7. Asan says:

    Very nice music!

  8. Dominic gibson says:

    Hi Joe. I heard (and loved) your Hubbrd’s Cubbard album years ago through a friend who I seem to recall engineered it, Steve Taylor. Any way to get hold of it?

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