The Walking Bass Blueprint (FP)

Discover the walking bass line concepts that
multiple jazz bass masters have used time and time
again with laser precision and accuracy on the most
legendary jazz records of all time…

If you have any desire to drastically improve your
walking bass lines…and fast…You absolutely must
hear what I have to say to you!

Throughout the history of jazz, the greatest bass players were the ones who understood a system of creating lines that outlined the harmonic changes of a tune with precision and accuracy, so much so, that the tune was still recognisable by just listening to the walking bass line. Right now, go and listen to “There Is No Greater Love” from the Miles Davis recording “Four & More Live” at 2:32 where the whole band drops out and it’s just left with Ron Carter laying down the bass line while Miles continues his solo for a whole chorus before the band comes back in. You see, most bass players would not be able to do that because they are missing key strategic elements in their “walking bass line” game. Firstly, their time would suffer greatly because most bass players rely solely on the drummer to give them a reference for where the time is and secondly, most bass players are highly dependent on the pianist to supply the harmonic content, so they know where they are within the form of the tune. All these problems are then multiplied even further by believing that walking bass lines are constructed much like the old “connect the dots” art game with absolutely zero understanding of how to create solid melodic statements within their walking bass lines- sound familiar?

Say Goodbye to Connecting the Dots!

If you’re still reading this, then you already know that there are no shortcuts when learning to play music. But as I’ve learned over the past 40 years playing the bass, having access to the right information and guidance can shave years off your musical journey towards becoming the bass player you always dreamed of becoming!

Unlike Any Other Walking Bass Line Program, You’ve Tried

The Walking Bass Blueprint is a powerfully comprehensive, easy to follow and entertaining program, which if acted upon, will guarantee to take your understanding and ability to play burning walking bass lines to new heights and give you a whole new lease of life on what it means to play effective jazz bass lines.

The Secrets of the Jazz Masters

I know it sounds cheesy, but most bass players don’t really know the musical content that turned the jazz bass masters into timeless legends. They did this through decades worth of jazz development through techniques, concepts, strategies and tactics that were handed down to them by the legends who came before them. It’s a fact that many famous jazz teachers have held this information back from their students, but I want to pass on those decades of deep and detailed “insider information” that most of us never get the chance to really learn about.

It's Not Your Fault

I know that…in your heart…you know it too. There’s a sneaking suspicion that there is something many jazz teachers are holding back from you. I have always refused to go along with this and have a reputation for sharing everything I know with my students and my results speak for themselves…think Pino Palladino, Mike Mondesir, Paul Turner, Francis Hylton, Dave Swift and so many more. Contrary to popular belief- all these former students of mine can play effective jazz walking bass lines!

What the Walking Bass Blueprint Is All About

Over 5 hours of video instruction (21 Lessons) explaining and demonstrating techniques, tips, concepts, practice principles, strategies and tactics, enabling YOU to play efficient and effective walking bass lines over a variety of jazz standards.

PDF worksheets (includes separate TAB charts) that accompany all lessons which are downloadable directly to your computer.

Detailed harmonic and melodic analysis for every jazz standard that is taught on the course.

High quality downloadable practice tracks that include drums and guitar accompaniment. All the guitar parts were recorded by legendary guitarist Jamie Glaser (Chick Corea, Bryan Adams, Lenny White, Manhattan Transfer, Jean Luc Pony).

Just a Few of the Things That You’ll Learn…


How to turbo-charge your walking bass line phrasing


The one rhythmic concept that will create a massive authentic sound when you play walking bass lines


The art of harmonic analysis and why it’s so important to know when walking over standards


How to use “voice leading” when playing walking bass lines


Why much of what you’ve learned about walking bass lines is wrong


The approach to using chromatic embellishments that nobody knows


How to tap into your full potential by developing the “Depth of Knowledge Principle”


How to fly up high on the fretboard while creating melodic hooks


How to mix “broken rhythms” with straight quarter notes ala Scott LaFaro


How to tap into your optimal level of fretboard proficiency when walking


How the pros develop their time concepts


How to make your walking bass lines swing


Using “tritone substitution” effectively


Fully understand form & structure when playing on jazz standards


Reharmonising chord changes with jazz chord substitutions


Using “intervallics” in your walking bass lines


How to use “pedal points” in your walking lines


How to always know where you are in the tune that you are playing


How to take what the pros are playing, like Ron Carter, Paul Chambers and Ray Brown and make it your own


And…so much more!

But Wait -- It Gets Even Better! You’ll Also Get 3 FREE GIFTS Just for Enrolling in The Walking Bass Blueprint Today!

As a special gift for taking advantage of this offer right away, in addition to the above I’m also going to give you immediate access to the following three lessons:

BONUS #1: How to Walk Over John Coltrane’s Giant Steps

BONUS #2: Ron Carter Walking Bass Line Analysis of “There Is No Greater Love”

BONUS #3: Lincoln Goines’ Autumn Leaves Walking Bass Line Transcription (6-Choruses)

All of these bonus lessons go into great depth and detail and now you are getting them for FREE for joining The Walking Bass Blueprint today!

Hard Cold Fact: You Will Improve Your Walking Bass Lines Faster with The Walking Bass Blueprint Than Without It…

As I’ve said before, there are no shortcuts! But I can tell you this. With the right guidance and instruction, getting your walking bass playing together in the shortest possible time is entirely up to you. YOU make that determination…
I do understand that people have life commitments, children, house payments, car payments, jobs, school and other responsibilities, so a lot of folks may need more time than others to practice and review the lessons in The Walking Bass Blueprint.
So, YOU would think for everything that’s included in this course, you’d have to pay somewhere in the region of over a thousand bucks…
But instead I’m prepared to offer you a Lifetime Membership (no recurring payments) into my Walking Bass Blueprint right now for only £413.97 ($521 approx.) enabling everybody to get more than the full value that this course offers.
And…that’s a fact.
With that in mind, the only thing that will stop you from achieving high levels of success with walking bass lines, is your refusal to commit…
Your refusal to invest in your musical future.
Believe me. The large majority of my students are living proof that The Walking Bass Blueprint works.
What are you waiting for?
Get The Walking Bass Blueprint today!



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Yes, I’m charging you more for spreading out the payments, but it’s still cheaper than the full price of the course!

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