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Why Would I Serve You Filet Mignon, When Everybody’s Lapping Up the Dog-Doo?

Why would I serve you filet mignon, when everybody’s lapping up the dog-doo?  Because I can!  It’s a simple answer to a not so straight forward question, but it’s based on years of investing time and money into my musicianship skills, which include studying with some of the best jazz and composition teachers on the planet, along with playing with some of the best musicians and recording artists around.  But this still begs the question of why there is so much “junk science” being peddled as “the real thing” by so many unqualified people, all over the internet, who mostly, haven’t played with anybody of repute or paid any significant dues as working musicians.

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What Are the Components of Music?

An interesting phenomenon that occurs frequently with new music students is a lack of understanding towards what is actually involved with the study of music; in other words- the ‘what’ is often misinterpreted with several esoteric attributes that make up the already technically skilled musician.  Terms such as feel, emotions and interpersonal connection are often over used when surveying groups of young music students when they are asked what they are seeking to achieve when learning to play the bass guitar.

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