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Learning Music as a Language

To help us understand this better, let’s look at learning music as a language. At a beginner’s level you are still learning the meaning of individual words- how to spell them correctly; the shape of the letters and the sounds that they make. Eventually, you would have learned enough useful words to start playing with other like minded musicians. Metaphorically, this would be akin to talking, then debating and ultimately be able to argue specific points of view in a conversation with others. But if you are stuck by shouting out single words; sometimes unrelated words, you will become ineffective as a bass player despite having acquired a large vocabulary of single words.

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How To Accelerate Your Bass Playing Skills By Using Visualisation

For bass players, visualisation is the process of imagining in your mind’s eye what you would actually hear in your mind’s ear.   Being able to visualise and “picture” your fingerboard and the notes you are playing is a valuable skill to acquire.  This tactic will enable you to play the bass, rather than the bass playing you. 

Visualisation is something that we all do everyday.  In fact, forming a mental image of something before we actually do it is all too common in most people’s everyday lives.  Actors visualise their performance before they go on stage.  Sports athletes of all types have used visualisation techniques for decades and swear by them.  Public speakers visualise the speeches they prepare and musicians of all types, including bass players, visualise what they are going to play before they actually play it.

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The Attributes of Awareness

Understanding awareness means you are living in the present moment.  All good bass players understand this concept.  You need to ask yourself, “What am I doing right now?  Not last week or next month, but right in this crystal moment called NOW.” 

Confronting yourself with this question on a regular basis will not only help you to re-define your practice skills, but also greatly improve your performance ability.  Some of the key attributes of awareness that we will concentrate on in the next few days will include:

–          Visualisation

–          Focused Concentration

–          Expressive Intent

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Welcome to My New Bass Guitar Online Resource!

As bass playing continues to evolve, the more confusion there seems to be about how to develop the ability to actually getting the job done.  Many principles are highly debated- theory vs. functionality; whether to play a 4, 5 or 6-string bass; fretless vs. fretted; electric vs. acoustic; vertical vs. horizontal positions; tablature vs. reading; how to develop the proper technical ability all the way to up to what kind of practice yields the best results.  

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