The Sight Reading Compendium for Electric Bass

The Sight Reading Compendium for Electric Bass

The Sight Reading Compendium for Electric Bass

Just imagine what it would be like if you couldn’t read in your spoken language?  More and more, bass guitarists are required to be more diverse, which has increased the demand for being able to sight read.  Becoming a good sight reader involves a holistic approach to playing bass, as you are required to translate all musical symbols, notes and markings into real-time music.  Both your playing skills and reading skills should not be separate from one another, but instead be working together for your overall musical survival!

This book is four books in one, broken down between Fingerboard Familiarity, Nomenclature, Rhythm Systems and Sight Reading Etudes.  This makes up a complete and concise inventory of elements that will increase your odds for success enabling YOU to improve your sight-reading skills immediately!

You Will Learn...

  • How to understand the lines and spaces and transfer that to the fingerboard
  • How to follow a lead sheet
  • How to scan a chart in under 60 seconds
  • How to read note for note charts in any style
  • How to decode difficult rhythmic patterns
  • How to train yourself to keep your eyes on the chart
  • How to understand poly-rhythms and odd time signatures
  • How to understand any song form
  • How to play songs in cut time
  • And so, much more…

Price: £33.50 ($50 approx.)

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