How to Practice with Maximum Efficiency (PDF eBook)

61 Practice Hacks to Fast-Track Your Musical Skills and Performance to the Next Level


How to Practice with Maximum Efficiency combines both the art and the science of practicing a musical instrument together into an easy to understand coherent system that features 61 Practice Hacks that will fast-track your musical sills and performance to the next level.

Mastering These Principles Will Teach You:

green_tick_smallGet the most out of your practice sessions

green_tick_smallHow to schedule and plan for success

green_tick_smallHow to improve finger dexterity

green_tick_smallHow the musical mind works

green_tick_smallHow to use visualisation drills to improve your skills

green_tick_smallHow to stop negative self-talk that holds you back from improving

green_tick_smallHow to play fast exponentially

green_tick_smallHow to tap into your creative mindset

green_tick_smallHow memory works to improve your musicianship

green_tick_smallHow to manage your time effectively

green_tick_smallWhat to practice

green_tick_smallAnd, so much more…

Reading and applying these principles will provide you with a soul searching personal experience that will change the way you practice forever!  (Please Note: this is a downloadable PDF eBook)
Price:£22.50 ($25 approx.) Available now for digital download

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