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Attention Bass Players who want to play better…

“Who else wants to develop the skills to improvise accompanying bass lines and/or solos with LIFETIME access to My Online Membership Site?”

The Amazing Thing Is the Effectiveness at Which my ‘2-Year Bass Mastery Course’ Actually Works. It’s Rather Remarkable How YOU WILL Transform Your Bass Playing!

“Joe Hubbard is one of the most capable and musically knowledgeable teachers in the world!” –Jeff Berlin (Yes, Bill Bruford, Allan Holdsworth, Eddie Van Halen)

If you want to improve your bass playing by understanding how to effortlessly improvise bass lines and solos (regardless of style) then this might be the most important announcement, you’ll ever read. Here’s why…

I’m offering YOU a confidential “Lifetime Membership” to my video lessons subscription website. I only offer this once a year!  So, here’s some of the benefits you’ll receive:

  • 100 Lessons between 30 to 45 mins filmed in HD quality for both 4 & 5-string bass drip-fed to your email inbox every week for 2-years!
  • Over 70 mini Bass Master Classes (on various subjects) where you get instant access to all of them!
  • How to Understand Jazz Harmony, Chord Tone Improvisation, Lyrical Playing, Poly-Rhythms, Chromaticism, Linear Improvisation, Triad Pairs, Scale Passing Tones, Modal Sequencing, Ear Training, Diatonic Approach Notes, Intervallic Playing, Walking Bass Lines, Harmonic Analysis, Penta-Positional System, Chord Superimposition, Sight Reading and so much more!
  • My top-secret training methodology for to how to practice properly. Seems like hyperbole, but I assure you it isn’t!
  • The complete step-by-step blueprint for being able to do the two things that we’re required to do as bass players: play accompanying bass lines and occasionally take a solo!
  • Understanding how to avoid the BIGGEST mistakes all bass students make!
  • Lifetime Access to all material with ONE PAYMENT!

Many people who go through the 2-Year Bass Mastery Course wish that they could have more time to review and revise the material after they’ve completed the course. Because my website is “Subscription Based” to gain continuous access to the course material you must remain a paying member. This is now possible with this LIFETIME offer…BUT it’s only available for the first TEN PEOPLE who sign up then won’t be offered again until 2020 when the price will go UP!!!

By now you’re probably wondering “How much does this cost”

If you would join my website for £50 ($65 approx.) a month, over a 2-year period you would pay £1200 ($1580 approx.)!!!

But I have a big savings for you!

I’m offering you this LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for only £650 ($850 approx.)!!! But it’s only available to the first TEN LUCKY PEOPLE!


It doesn’t matter if you are a current member, or if you are a new comer- this is a rare opportunity that doesn’t come around that often!

But wait…there is a catch! This offer will only be available to the first 10 people who sign up!  After that, this offer will not be available until sometime in 2020!

All you must do is CLICK HERE to make your payment and I will contact you within 24 to 48 hours with all your login details.

If you are a current member, you don’t have to do anything- just continue to log in with your normal details and I will cancel any recurring payments you have previously set up for me.

For current members- this is not an upgrade, so if you have just paid for a monthly or yearly subscription fee, you WILL NOT receive any refunds whatsoever.  However, this is still a great deal because once you make the one-time payment, you’ll never pay anything else again!

Get ready to be able to improvise accompanying bass lines and/or solos and completely transform your bass playing!

All the Bass!




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