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I have been teaching the bass guitar for over three decades now and because of logistics I have only ever been able to help people become better bass guitar players who were living in my immediate area.  With the growing advancement in technology, since January 2011 I have been successfully teaching people from all over the world through Skype.  However, time and availability are critical issues; not only with me, but also with prospective students- many who are working musicians.   As a way of reaching out to those bass players who are interested in studying with me, but cannot be pinned down to a regular weekly timeslot, I have created a brand new service where I can give you exactly what you need to become a better bass player through the format of bass email lessons.

What Are the Benefits?

This course gives you many of the same advantages as studying privately with me without being pinned down to a regular weekly timeslot.  Many working musicians are at the beckon call of performance opportunities that may suddenly arise.  Imagine this scenario: you unexpectedly get a call for a gig which happens to be on the same day as your bass lesson and as a consequence of taking the gig you end up losing the money that you paid for your lesson.     With my bass email course you would receive your assignment and be able to complete it as your schedule permits.  With that said, I would like to emphasize that this is a “serious music” driven course and the main requirements are practice and effort.  This is the only way you will reap the real benefits from my lessons!

What Is the Content?

Everything that I will teach you embraces the immutable principles of music (harmony, melody and rhythm).  This is the fundamental concept of my program.  With that in mind, to become a great bass player you must understand how these principles translate onto your bass guitar.     Rationally speaking this makes perfect sense- to become a good player you have to understand the “principles of music” and be able to translate the information that you hear in your head through your instrument.  This is exactly what I will teach you to do!

Here are just some of the topics I will teach you:

  • Fretboard Awareness
  • Harmony
  • Melodic Ideas
  • Rhythmic Phrasing
  • Dynamics
  • Style & Direction Development
  • Jazz Improvisation
  • Poly-Rhythms
  • Groove Playing
  • Walking Bass Lines
  • Articulation Techniques
  • Slap Bass Lines
  • The Penta-Positional System of Melodic Patterns
  • Outside Playing
  • Static & Dynamic Soloing Tactics
  • And much, much more…

How Does It Work?

You would initially submit two MP3 recordings (one where you are playing a supportive bass part and another where you are soloing over chord changes).  I would then evaluate what you would need to work on in order to become a better bass player.  Following that, I would email you the first lesson along with the PDF downloads and a thorough explanation of the lesson.  You would spend about a week working through the material and in return you would send me a recording playing through the various examples that you were assigned. I would then send you your next lesson and we would follow the same procedure for each successive lesson.  Throughout this time, if you have any questions related to the lessons, you will be able to email me and I will answer them within 24 hours.

It is important to note that these lessons are not open-ended.  Please let me explain: when you sign up for these lessons you will be required to pay in blocks of 4-lessons.  Although this course is designed for those bass players who cannot commit to a regular weekly timeslot, each lesson should be completed within one week of receiving it.  However, I do understand that many working musicians find it hard to work to a weekly deadline with these assignments.  Whereas in the perfect world a group of 4-lessons should be completed within one month, I will allow a little leniency in this matter as long as it is well communicated.

It is also important to understand that these lessons are individually personalized.  They are custom prepared for each student and I personally evaluate the whole process from beginning to end.  Needless to say, because of this custom one-to-one structure, the number of students that I will be able to accept is limited.  This approach, along with your dedication and drive will guarantee your success in achieving the goals that you desire.  My mission is to help you – personally – in your quest of becoming a better bass guitarist!

What’s Next?

Just follow these simple steps to get immediate access to my bass guitar email course:

  1. Click on the “Buy Now” button below and pay for a group of 4-Lessons.   
  2. Email me a MP3 recording of you playing:
  • A supportive bass line (any style)
  • Soloing over chord changes (only if you can do so)

3. Check your email in-box for confirmation and further instructions.

Group of 4-Lessons: £140

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