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“If You're Looking To Develop A Strong Musical Foundation – That Would Make Most Bass Players Look Like Complete Beginners – Then You Need To Start JOE HUBBARD’S BASS FOUNDATION COURSE Right Now!”

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Here’s what people are saying about
Joe Hubbard’s Bass Foundation Course…

T. Southerland

“Thank you for being my musical sensei. Studying under your mastery and musicianship has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made to take my understanding of music and realise how that fits in with my role as a supportive bass player!”

D. Williams

“I just completed the Bass Foundation Course and there is no way to describe just how great this course was. It’s well thought out, progressive and in a word – EXCELLENT! Joe taught me how to hone my technique, learn my fretboard, learn all my notes and their relationship to each other and even though reading music was not at the forefrront of this course – I improved my reading skills as well! I could gush about this course all day long. In my opinion, Joe is a masterful teacher and these past 24-weeks have made me a better bass player!”

R. Felix

“Many thanks to you Joe for this introductory Bass Foundation Course. This is definately the best investment I have made towards my education in bass playing!”

So, What Makes This Course So Different?
Why Is It So Powerful?

To explain why Joe Hubbard’s Bass Foundation Course is so important for your musical evolution, there’s an old parable that has stood the test of time.

It goes something like this: Wise people always build their house on a good solid foundation.

Like a slab of solid rock!

And…when the rain starts pouring down, the rivers flood and the wind blows against the house…it will stand firm. Why? Because it’s built on a solid foundation!

But…the foolish usually build their houses on sand!

And…when the rain starts pouring down, the rivers flood and the wind blows against the house…it will fall!

And…when it falls-everything you’ve worked for collapses into rubble!

This is really the state of so much in modern bass education today.

Unfortunately, for so many people, the FOUNDATION has been corrupted!

The basic concepts along with all the precise details that will make your bass playing and overall musicianship so effective that it feels almost like magic…

Have been long lost for the mediocre majority…

And…it shows when they play!

But all of the benefits of having a solid foundation that you can count on, don’t have to be LOST on you!

Because you will find them ALL right here in Joe Hubbard’s Bass Foundation Course!

Joe has spent the last 2-years filming, editing and refining The Bass Foundation Course creating what he believes to be his most important course to date.

This is the same course Joe has taught to such stellar bass icons as Pino Palladino, Mike Mondesir, Paul Turner, Nick Beggs, Dave Swift plus so many more.

And if you have the guts and discipline to dedicate yourself to this program for the next 52 weeks, you will have a foundation developed for the rest of your playing career that will be absolutely rock solid.

With this foundation you will be levels above the rest making people that you play with sound like beginners.

But…this program isn’t for everyone!

If you don’t have what it takes to follow ALL of Joe’s instructions and actually practice what he teaches…then please stop reading this right now!

Click off this page, get on with your life and stop kidding yourself.

To all the time wasters, window-shoppers and instant gratification seekers… the rewards from the most effective bass guitar foundation course…are NOT waiting for you here!

This stuff is just too valuable to waste on the “can’t practitioners.”

But…on the other hand…

If you are serious about becoming a better bass player; if you have the mojo to stay committed day in and day out and if you realise the value of learning directly from the source…so that you can become a better improvising bassist…

Well…you could not be in better hands!

Why? Because Joe is the real deal.

Read on for more details about exactly what you’ll get inside the course.

And remember, you may think you already know the material that is listed within this course…

But the details that Joe teaches for these fundamentals are what make them like magic.

I promise YOU– you have never seen the basics taught like this before!



Lesson 1: Fingerboard Mechanics
Lesson 2: The Five Sectors
Lesson 3: Left & Righthand Theory of Movement
Lesson 4: Finger Mathematics 1 / Rhythm Systems 1
Lesson 5: Finger Mathematics 2 / Rhythm Systems 2
Lesson 6: Finger Mathematics 3/ Rhythm Systems 3
Lesson 7: Finger Mathematics 4 / Rhythm Systems Timing Drills
Lesson 8: Bonus Workshop #1: The Importance of Rhythm
Lesson 9: Intervallics / Rhythm Systems 4
Lesson 10: Scale Theory / Rhythm Systems 5
Lesson 11: Major Key Centres / Tetratonics 1
Lesson 12: Minor Key Centres / Tetratonics 2
Lesson 13: Taking It to The Streets (Applied Concepts 1) / The Triplet System
Lesson 14: Bonus Workshop #2: Creating Cool Bass Grooves
Lesson 15: Practice & Rhythm Routines / Swing Time Conversion
Lesson 16: Major Triads /Minor Triads
Lesson 17: Taking It to The Streets (Applied Concepts 2)
Lesson 18: Mixing Chord Tones with Scale Tones 1 & 2
Lesson 19: Creating Lines with Diatonic Approach Notes 1 & 2
Lesson 20: Creating Lines with Chromatic Approach Notes 1 & 2
Lesson 21: Bonus Workshop #3: The 100 Minute Practice Plan
Lesson 22: Walking Bass with Triads / Walking Bass with Embellishments
Lesson 23: The Penta-Positional System 1 & 2
Lesson 24: The Penta-Positional System 3 & 4
Lesson 25: Repertoire 1: Classical & Rock
Lesson 26: Repertoire 2: Funk & New Orleans 2nd Line
Lesson 27: BONUS LESSON! Repertoire 3: Jazz
Lesson 28: BONUS LESSON! Repertoire 4: Motown
Lesson 29: BONUS LESSON! Repertoire 5: Neo Soul
Lesson 30: Bonus Workshop #4: Playing Over Common Chord Progressions

And that’s not all! These lesson units contain OVER 50 videos, PDF worksheets (downloadable) and backing tracks for you to practice with.

You’ll also get access to the Facebook Bass Foundation Course Study Group where you can ask Joe questions directly about the material in each lesson and interact with the rest of the Bass Foundation Course community.

So, What Will It Cost You to Learn All This?
What will it cost YOU to begin your musical journey of developing fundamentals so solid that you make experienced bass players feel like beginners?

Before we get to that, let me ask you a question…

What it would be like a year from now when you’ve practiced these skills and felt the difference for yourself?

How would you feel when you start to internalise these concepts and find yourself able to play things that you never thought were possible?

Like understanding how to create solid bass lines over songs…

Like being able to groove and understand rhythmically what is going on, regardless of style…

Like having a complete understanding of the fingerboard and be able to play the lines you hear…

What would it be worth to discover your true potential as a bass player and your full potential as a musician and make it all work like magic?

Would you pay hundreds of dollars to Joe for private lessons as many are happy to do?

I’ve got a much better offer for you…

If you have what it takes to make this knowledge yours and practice every chance you get for the next 52 weeks…

You can discover the hidden details that many bass players are never aware of and become levels above the rest…

For less than a dollar a day!

That’s right- for less than the price of a daily cup of coffee, you can begin to build the sort of foundation that will allow you to completely dominate anything that you choose to play- no matter what style of music it is!







Doesn’t matter…

It will all feel like magic!

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