Intense Bass Warm-Up Guide (FP)

Intense Bass Warm-Up Guide

by Joe Hubbard

The “Intense Bass Warm-Up Guide” is a follow-up to Joe Hubbard’s acclaimed technical proficiency book, “Fingers of Fury.” While “Fingers of Fury” focuses on finger dexterity and mathematical permutations for both hands, the “Intense Bass Warm-Up Guide” dives straight into practical musical jazz improvisation concepts, designed specifically to turbo-charge your chops and give you the warm-up you need before hitting the stage!  Each of the 24 etudes in this guide presents a set of unique technical challenges designed to enhance your playing skills at all levels.

Although these etudes are perfect for warming up before a performance, this guide offers much more than a typical warm-up exercise book. Echoing the wisdom of legendary jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery, who said, “I will never practice anything that I won’t play on the bandstand,” this book ensures that everything you practice is directly applicable to what you will play on the gig. Explore the “Intense Bass Warm-Up Guide” and discover exercises that will seamlessly integrate into the music you love to play!

Crank Your Skills Up Today with:

  • Tons of licks and musical examples
  • Modal Fingerboard Patterns
  • Diminished Patterns
  • Augmented Scale Patterns
  • 12 Tone Improvisational Lines
  • Triad Pair Lines
  • Lines in Odd Times
  • Linear Chromaticism
  • Altered Dominant 7th Ideas
  • Lines Using Octave Displacement
  • Bebop Scale Cycle Drills
  • Outside II V I Substitutions
  • 24 Mind Blowing Practice Etudes
  • Includes Standard Notation & Tablature

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