Fingers of Fury

Fingers of Fury:
Mastering Finger Independence for Bass Guitar

by Joe Hubbard

Delving into the art of bass guitar playing requires more than just learning the basics of musicianship, such as music theory, sight-reading and improvisation.  It mandates the development of a core skill: finger independence.  Without this fundamental proficiency, transforming musical knowledge into a captivating performance can prove to be challenging.

“Fingers of Fury: Mastering Finger Independence for Bass Guitar,” by renowned bassist Joe Hubbard, is the definitive guide to mastering this crucial aspect of developing technique.  Beyond being the conduit that bridges musical theory with performance, finger independence is the cornerstone upon which your musical prowess thrives, enabling you to be able to play any kind of music, anytime, anywhere and with anyone.

Joe’s methodical approach offers far more than merely training in speed or showmanship.  This book is an intensive course in developing a command and mastery of the bass guitar, allowing you to deftly translate your musical thoughts into actual performances.  Indeed, speed will become a favourable outcome of mastering the technique exercises in this book, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

“Fingers of Fury” delves into the world of diverse technical concepts: from a myriad of left-hand finger combinations and permutations to right-hand string dampening and anchoring, positional and micro-shifting, octave displacement and economical octave playing.  It also focuses on correct hand positioning and offers guidelines for injury prevention, ensuring that you will cultivate a healthy, sustainable practice regimen.

Whether you’re a novice seeking a guiding hand, a seasoned professional yearning for that extra edge, or somewhere in between, “Fingers of Fury: Mastering Finger Independence for Bass Guitar” will revolutionise your bass playing abilities.  This book will empower you to elevate your performance to one that is more dynamic, potent and musically resonant.

You’ve already demonstrated your determination and will power.  Now, with “Fingers of Fury,” you hold the secrets, the techniques and all the information needed to actualise your musical potential.  The journey towards bass guitar mastery begins here.  Step into the world of finger independence and unleash your “Fingers of Fury!”

Key takeaways from this definitive manual include::

  • Hubbard’s proven tips for maintaining optimal posture, strengthening your hands and mastering finger movements.
  • Guided concepts for warming up on the instrument that will last you a lifetime.
  • Effective strategies for achieving relaxation and economy of motion across the fingerboard
  • Unique, adaptable exercises specifically designed for 4 & 5-string bass, ensuring comprehensive mastery irrespective of your instrument.
  • In-depth information on correct hand positions to enhance your sound, timing, dynamics and overall proficiency.
  • Expert guidance of efficient practice, ensuring every hour spent with your instrument is productive.
  • Specialised tactics for understanding fingerboard mastery in its entirety, with comprehensive strategies.
  • Hubbard’s trademark motivational advice, inspiring you to be the musician you aspire to be.

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