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“Did You Know There’s Now a Way to
Master Jazz Standards on Bass Without
Years of Frustration or Guesswork?
Discover How Inside!”

I Know It Probably Sounds Too Good to Be True!

Dear Friend in Bass,
Imagine for a moment, standing on stage. The spotlight hits you; the audience holds their breath and with the first note you play; you know you’ve got them. You’re not just playing bass; you’re telling a story, evoking emotions and leaving everyone in awe with your mastery over jazz standards…
Sound like a dream? I’m here to tell you it’s not.
Introducing “Playing Through the Jazz Standards Vol.1: Donna Lee” – your golden key to unlocking the secrets of jazz bass legends. This isn’t just another bass tutorial course - it’s a transformational journey that will elevate your bass improvisation skills to realms you never thought possible.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is Joe Hubbard, an internationally acclaimed bass player and educator. My journey into the heart of jazz bass began in 1975 in the corridors of the Berklee College of Music and led me to the mentorship of the legendary jazz educator, Charlie Banacos.
Through tens of thousands of hours of performance, study and practice, I’ve distilled decades of experience into a course that’s designed to do one thing: transform You into a jazz bass improvisation factory.

What Makes This Course Different?

Remember Jaco Pastorius’s earth-shattering rendition of “Donna Lee?” That moment changed everything for bass players worldwide. It’s that level of mastery we’re aiming for. With my course, you’ll learn not just to play the notes, but to really start understanding the jazz language as the legends did.

Unveil the Rich Tapestry of Benefits Awaiting You:

When you enrol in “Playing Through the Jazz Standards Vol.1: Donna Lee,” you’re not just signing up for a course. You’re unlocking a treasure trove of knowledge, meticulously crafted to transform your bass playing. Here’s a glimpse of what’s inside this vault:

Comprehensive Video Lessons on “Donna Lee” – Dive deep into each note of Charlie Parker’s masterpiece. These aren’t just lessons; they’re an entire blueprint for understanding the jazz language.


Melody Mastery & Nuance Navigation – Learn the melody inside out and the subtle nuances that breathe life into it. Discover the techniques to making the melody sing and swing, while understanding the complete application of all the notes you are playing over the chord changes.


Harmonic Analysis for Memorisation Ease – Demystify the complex harmony of “Donna Lee.” We’ll break it down, making it easy to memorise and understand, setting a solid foundation for your improvisational skills.


Personalised Improvisational Insights – Get an exclusive look into my own solo over “Donna Lee.” Note-by-note, I’ll walk you through my inner thought process, offering a unique perspective on crafting solos that tell a story.


Swing-Worthy Walking Bass Lines – Master the art of creating walking bass lines that not only swing but also serve as the backbone of the tune. Learn how to weave through chord changes with grace and confidence.


Chord Voicings for the Discerning Bassist – Expand your harmonic palette with specific bass guitar chord voicings for “Donna Lee.” Learn to hear and navigate both the chord changes and form with ease, enhancing your musicality and depth.


Form, Feel & Functionality – Understand the form of “Donna Lee” like never before. Learn to feel the structure of the composition, allowing you to play more freely with expression and emotional depth.


Creative Line Crafting – Extract melodic lines and motifs from “Donna Lee” and learn the art of altering them to create your own unique improvisations. It’s all about making the language of jazz your own.


Jazz Language Expression – Take Lines and ideas from “Donna Lee” and learn to adapt them to other tunes. It’s about building your jazz vocabulary to be versatile and expressive across any standard.


Extensive Learning Resources – Benefit from extensive PDF downloads, complete with tablature, ensuring you have all the materials you need to practice effectively and efficiently.


Practice With Purpose – Enjoy swinging backing tracks (featuring worldclass jazz drummer Tom Bretchlein) tailored for the lessons, allowing you to practice in context, refining your timing, feel and expression.

Special Limited Time Offer

For a short period, lifetime access to “Playing Through the Jazz Standards Vol.1: Donna Lee,” will be available at an exclusive price of only £97 ($122 approx.) – a small price to pay for a transformation that will set you apart from the rest.

Take Action Now

Don’t let this be the one that got away. Click on the link, make your payment via PayPal and step into the world where you’re not just playing standards, you’re setting them.

Your Moment is Now


Bass Regards,

P.S. This is more than a course - it’s a gateway to achieving your goals. Don’t wait – grab your bass and let’s make history!


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