Chord Tone Sudoku Workbook

Chord Tone Sudoku Workbook (PDF eBook)

Discover the Problem Solving Principles to Mastering Chord Tones

Joe Hubbard’s Chord Tone Sudoku Workbook, is more than just a method book, taking you deep inside the bass guitar fingerboard into the world of chord tone recognition. Understanding chord tone recognition is essential to learning how to improvise spontaneously over a harmonic progression. This book will enable you to apply this concept in real-world performance scenarios, along with a deepened understanding of the theory required to master these principles once and for all!

Here are just some of the benefits that you will get from this book:

You Will Learn to…

green_tick_smallResolve your lines on the right notes

green_tick_smallOutline the chord changes so the listener will recognise the song you are playing over with no accompaniment

green_tick_smallFamiliarise yourself with all the different chord qualities

green_tick_smallKnow any chord from the root, 3rd, 5th or 7th

green_tick_smallUnlock the fingerboard and understand what the notes are in context to different chord qualities that you are playing over

green_tick_smallAnd so much more…

Building logically from basic chord types to advanced jazz chords, this book will provide you with a plethora of musical examples and exercises that are applied to every key. All musical exercises are written in standard notation and tablature.
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