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Rants & Raves Episode 1

This is the first installment of a new video series that I’m producing called Rants & Raves.  In this first episode, I discuss and reveal the biggest kept secret in music education.

This video series is based on all things music centric related to music education, the music industry, improvisational methodologies, practice principles, long standing myths, personal stories and the rest; breaking down (what is in my opinion) the worst and the best!

If you have any requests for subjects that you would like my views on or questions for me that I can include in future episodes, then please feel free to leave your comments below.

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Joe Hubbard Launches New Bass Video Lessons Membership Website!

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I’m proud to announce the opening of my new bass video instructional website:  This website is a ‘one of a kind’ bass guitar instructional website that has been carefully designed to guarantee efficient practice with rewarding results.  You will learn the same program that I have taught to iconic bass players such as, Pino Palladino, Paul Turner (Jamiroquai), Mike Mondesir (Billy Cobham) and countless others, all with equal success!

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Chord Tone Sudoku Part 3


Chord Tone Sudoku part 3 is here!  I basically pick up where I left off with Chord Tone Sudoku 2, but this time I’m applying the CTS principle to the Dominant 7th chord.  I’m also highlighting another technique called ‘octave displacement’ which enables you to voice lead your arpeggios when transitioning from one chord to the next, while creating a nice angular effect to your bass lines.

Click here for the PDF worksheet that accompanies this FREE bass video lesson

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Chord Tone Sudoku Part 2

Here is Chord Tone Sudoku Part 2, which is a follow up FREE video bass guitar lesson outlining the importance of adopting a “chord tone driven approach” versus playing with a “scale only” methodology.  This method is largely unheard of within modern day music education and hopefully I will shed some positive light on this subject through this video lesson.

I want you to firmly grasp these ideas, so make sure to download the Chord Sudoku worksheets in part 1 of this video bass lesson series.  Soon, with meaningful engaged practice time, these ideas will ring true to your ears.  Let me show you what I mean in this video bass lesson! 

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Chord Tone Sudoku Part 1

Click Here to Download the FREE Chord Tone Sudoku PDF Worksheets!

Learning to understand a chord tone approach to improvising on your bass guitar is a key essential ingredient for your evolution as a bass player.  In this introduction video bass lesson, I explain the importance of this and how to begin learning and solidifying this concept by using a great mental exercise that I call Chord Tone Sudoku.  Enjoy!

Check out how to use chord tone soloing!

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