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Got Music Theory?

Within the community of bass players, there exists a certain controversy regarding the value of music theory.  Some are sceptical about this subject because of their belief that music theory will hold back natural musical creativity, along with the overall enjoyment of playing the bass guitar.  Ostensibly, other disbelievers regard theory and analysis as an impractical means to describe and analyse a spontaneous musical performance.  Nothing could be further from the truth, so let us get right to the heart of the matter with some practical explanations exemplifying the benefits of music theory.

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Chord Tone Sudoku Part 2

Here is Chord Tone Sudoku Part 2, which is a follow up FREE video bass guitar lesson outlining the importance of adopting a “chord tone driven approach” versus playing with a “scale only” methodology.  This method is largely unheard of within modern day music education and hopefully I will shed some positive light on this subject through this video lesson.

I want you to firmly grasp these ideas, so make sure to download the Chord Sudoku worksheets in part 1 of this video bass lesson series.  Soon, with meaningful engaged practice time, these ideas will ring true to your ears.  Let me show you what I mean in this video bass lesson! 

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Bass Guitar Lessons

How important is a music education to you?  Have you also considered the value of taking bass guitar lessons and the return on investment that it will bring you in the long run?  Many bass players today haven’t done the proper research into the “real-world” importance of being prepared in advance for the performance stage of playing their bass guitars.  Please remember that performance (what you want to do) has to be punctuated with preparation (what you have to do in advance) in order to be effective.  In other words, the “art part” of bass playing is what you bring to the table in terms of unique personality and style, but it is the “science part” that deals with the practice methods and the process for discovering the immutable musical concepts that have been used by all outstanding musicians throughout time to achieve outstanding musical results.  With that in mind, let’s not put the cart before the horse; in a proper learning context science comes before art!

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