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Video bass lessons “Give Me Two Years and I Will Turn You Into a Fully Competent Bass Player With The Same System That I Teach To Many Top Professional Bassists!”

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Joe Hubbard is considered by many to be one of the most influential bass guitar educators in the world.  With over three decades of real-world experience as a player and teacher, Joe, who is known as “The Teacher to The Pro’s” has taught some of the biggest bass names on the planet, including Pino Paladino, Paul Turner (Jamiroquai), Michael Mondesir (Billy Cobham) and Dave Swift (Jools Holland).  Click Here for a full list of Joe’s teaching and playing credits!

Just Starting Out With The Bass Guitar?

Joe Hubbard’s Bass Video Membership Website is the first bass instructional website of its kind.  It takes a strikingly new approach to learning the bass guitar and has been carefully designed to guarantee efficient practice with rewarding results!  Joe Hubbard Bass Videos makes available to all bass players a comprehensive and unified body of bass guitar instructional material where students can chart their own course according to their own musical interests and needs.

Already Studying The Bass Guitar?

Whether your playing spans from one or more traditional styles to establishing your own personal fusion of musical genres or influences, Joe Hubbard Bass Videos has what you need.  Unlike other bass guitar websites, Joe Hubbard believes that the music is already inside of you and only needs the correct methodologies to unlock it and allow you to play better.  Through the development of real-world musical skills, Joe Hubbard Bass Videos will provide you with these methodologies!

Already Playing Professionally?

Most bass guitar websites teach you to play somebody else’s music.  This approach produces imitators rather than originators and real musical skills are picked up slowly and incomplete.  Joe Hubbard Bass Videos takes you directly to being able to play whatever you want…somebody else’s music, your own music and everything else in-between.   These Bass Video Lessons takes you one step beyond- are you ready for the next step?

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