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I’m proud to announce the opening of my new bass video instructional website: http://www.joehubbardbassvideos.com  This website is a ‘one of a kind’ bass guitar instructional website that has been carefully designed to guarantee efficient practice with rewarding results.  You will learn the same program that I have taught to iconic bass players such as, Pino Palladino, Paul Turner (Jamiroquai), Mike Mondesir (Billy Cobham) and countless others, all with equal success!

When coming up with the concept for this website, I wanted to make sure that I could mirror (as closely as possible) the experience of studying with me in-person.  With that in mind, I set out to organise the material so that the prospective student/teacher/player could learn the language of music through the bass guitar- not on it.  Although musical fashions and trends come and go, real music skills last forever.  All of the lessons and courses available on this website will enable you to be able to play what you hear.  The music is already within you- I’m just going to give you the keys to unlock it.

www.joehubbardbassvideos.com features HD shot videos which are accompanied by PDF worksheets for long term internalisation. The lessons and courses can be accessed anywhere with a descent broadband connection.  There are several options for memberships that feature either a monthly or yearly subscription at very competitive prices. 

The bass instructional material featured is suitable for all levels of development from beginner to advanced levels.  There are two unique concepts that are featured on the site which include a ‘menu-like’ lesson list and a curriculum-based course generator which drip feeds you lessons week by week.  All of the lessons are updated weekly and are ever evolving to give you the best possible bass guitar instruction available. 

Many people claim they are giving you something new and exciting, but after checking them out, most bass guitar lessons and/or courses are just rehashed lessons from Jaco’s old instructional video or worse.  There are no smoke and mirrors here- this is the real deal!  It’s time to raise the bar- will you come and join us?

All the Bass!


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