NEW PDF BOOK! Killer Finger Funk Grooves by Joe Hubbard

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3 Responses to NEW PDF BOOK! Killer Finger Funk Grooves by Joe Hubbard

  1. Simon Ford says:

    Hi Joe, I have successfully downloaded the PDF and all the audio and drum tracks.
    It looks like you’ve put an awful lot of work into this, and it looks good.
    I like the idea of putting the tablature notation in the back, for those of us who need some guidance on optimum fingering.
    I was initially disappointed that the first groove requires a five-string bass, but flicking through the rest of the grooves, have found there a plenty that work on a four-string.
    I’m looking forward to diving into the grooves, and thank you for this excellent addition to your catalogue of works.

    • Joe Hubbard says:

      Hi Simon

      Glad to hear that you’ve already found this book to be a useful resource!

      I would have to say that the majority of the book is sutible for both 4 and 5-string bass. The odd low “D” here and there can easily be transposed up an octave.

      All the Bass!


  2. Joe Hubbard says:

    Great book launch yesterday- my best seller to date! Thanks to all who purchased the book and your ongoing support. A project of this magnitude takes so much time and energy to pull off.

    If you missed out on this yesterday, just hit the Download button above to get started now!

    All the Bass!


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