Here’s my latest No Treble bass lesson on how to play across the bar line.  Understanding these concepts begins to create an elasticity in your groove and feel.   This will enable you to phrase your lines with greater freedom and ease.  Many bass players are completely in the dark when it comes to rhythmic variation and much of it is left up to chance.

Don’t be a ‘chancer’- instead start learrning what is common vocabulary for any drummer.  There’s a myth going around that drummers are the only musicians that are responsible for laying down and keeping the time.  This is a false narrative!  Everybody is responsible for keeping the time.  You must be able to understand how the rhythmic subdivisions that you are playing are felt against the pulse- period!

I have a very in-depth rhythm program that’s broken down from basic to advanced levels on my bass membership site.  There is also a complete section in my sight reading book on Rhythm Systems, which is unparalelled.  If you feel this is a weak area for you, then check out the video and then follow that up by checking out my sight reading book, along with a month’s membership at

Buckle Up!


P.S.  Click Here for the link to the transcrption.


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