Joe Hubbard Releases Innovative New Workbook

Joe Hubbard has launched his sixth self-published book, The Chord Tone Sudoku Workbook.  Hubbard, a renowned bass guitar player, author, jazz recording artist and respected educator, reveals the concept of chord tone recognition in his latest book.

With an in-depth selection of musical examples and exercises, The Chord Tone Sudoku Workbook, is one of the most complete studies of chord tones available for bass guitarists of any level.  This book is more than just a method book, taking you deep inside the bass guitar fingerboard and into the world of chord tone recognition.

Understanding chord tone recognition is an essential skill to learning how to improvise spontaneously over a harmonic progression.  This book will enable you to apply this concept in real-world performance scenarios, along with a deepened understanding of the theory required to master these principles once and for all!

You Will Learn to…

green_tick_smallResolve your lines on the right notes

green_tick_smallOutline the chord changes so the listener will recognise the song you are playing over with no accompaniment

green_tick_smallFamiliarise yourself with all the different chord qualities

green_tick_smallKnow any chord from the root, 3rd, 5th or 7th

green_tick_smallUnlock the fingerboard and understand what the notes are in context to different chord qualities that you are playing over

green_tick_smallAnd so much more…

PRICE: £18.95 ($23 approx.)


Listen to What People are Saying:

“Thanks for sharing this great piece of knowledge. If we follow the instructions it will open up this material in multiple dimensions [relationships, recognition and simply the knowledge]. This will definitely be a 100 percenter in my daily study schedule.”
– A. Lewis

“Can’t wait to get into it!” –J. Engelbrecht

“I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for such a great book.  This is just what I’m looking for.”  — D. Irish

“Being a student of Joe’s for about 3 years, I thought that I’m pretty well on chord tones. But when I started to work on exercises without bass or keys I found that I occasionally making mistakes.  These exercises make me sweat and force me to think and it’s not so easy like it seems to be. So, after I completed sheet with m7b5 chord I found that I can imagine fingerboard in my head much better than before! And my note recognition better, too.  So, I recommend this book for everybody who wants to improve their bass playing! – A. Basan

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