There is a litany of finger exercises, but sadly, most of them just serve to wiggle your fingers and nothing more.  What you want is something to warm up with that engages all three of the senses and relates to something musically- right?

12-tone rows are a great musical source to sink your teeth into, that are melodic studies relating to the chromatic scale.  Music that is entirely based on the chromatic scale is called atonal, but what you might not know is that many of the more modern jazz players use atonal ideas over tonal music!

In my new book, How to Practice with Maximum Efficiency, I explain how 12-tone rows can be a good source material for warming up.  You see- if your mind isn’t fully engaged during the warm up, then you aren’t sufficiently learning.

What you want are exercises that engage the mind where you are looking at what you are doing and recognising ‘what the notes are’; playing the exercise, where you are feeling ‘where the notes are’ and then hearing the outcome for pitch recognition, enabling you to ‘hear where the notes are.’

If you haven’t seen this video yet, then watch it now!

Think you’ll dig it.

All the Bass!


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