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Acclaimed bass player, educator and jazz fusion recording artist Joe Hubbard has just released his fifth self-published book entitled, How to Practice with Maximum Efficiency!   This book will change the way you look at practicing a musical instrument forever.

Consisting of 61 different concepts or ‘practice hacks’, Hubbard takes you on a journey of musical self-discovery, debunking many myths along the way, as well as demystifying the essential steps necessary to becoming a proficient and competent musician.

Although Hubbard’s background proves to be prolific as a bass guitar teacher- having taught such bass guitar luminaries such as Pino Paladino, Paul Turner (Jamiroquai), Nick Beggs (Steve Wilson), Mike Mondesir (Billy Cobham) and Dave Swift (Jools Holland) – all the content in this book is applicable to all musicians, from all walks of life and all different skill levels.

You Will Learn:

  • How Talent is a Myth
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Practice Session
  • The Difference Between Practice & Performance
  • How to Develop Focused Concentration
  • Why You Don’t Need to Practice 8-Hours a Day
  • How to Manage Your Time Effectively in the Shortest Time Possible
  • What Material You Should Practice & What You Should Avoid
  • How to Develop Mental Practice Habits
  • And So Much More…

This book is available now at the author’s website:  and is currently available as a PDF downloadable eBook.  The price of the book is £22.50 ($28.00 approx.), but currently on sale until 24/12/2016 for only £19.95 ($25.00 approx.)!



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  1. Eddie Kohen says:

    Hi Joe, I was at Berklee in the mid 70’s and was aware of the legend of Charlie Banacos ” the teachers study with Charlie” I was lucky enough to study with Gary Burton and Rich Appleman, I continue to follow Charlie’s disciples like you and Jeff. I am planning to get this book to supplement my teaching practice hope you approve, I have cited you many times in class, thank you for great presentation of great material, gotta ask, any professional discount 🙂 intend to buy either way, Thx again and Happy Holidays, Eddie

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