This book contains 50 Essential Jazz Funk Lines for improvisation enabling you to produce lines in the style of Hadrien Feraud, Jeff Berlin, Jaco Pastorius, John Patitucci and Matt Garrison.    Musical concepts contained within these lines include Pentatonics, Triad Pairs, Coltrane 3-Tonic Systems (Giant Steps changes), Tri-Chord Patterns, Chromaticism, Intervallics and much, much more!  Also included is an in-depth breakdown on how to apply these lines over different chord changes.

Included with the Purchase of this Book:

green_tick_smallPDF E-Book (tablature included)

green_tick_small50 MP3 Tracks with Joe Hubbard playing each example at both slow to faster tempos

green_tick_smallPlay-Along Track

green_tick_smallA ‘How to Practice’ Video

This book will be an excellent resource for any student of jazz improvisation and will enable you to develop some great modern lines that will amaze your friends and fellow musicians!  Contained within this book are many ‘self-help’ improvisational strategies and concepts that will instantly turbo-charge your skills, but most people never talk about them- I honestly don’t know why because they are so simple to understand!

Price: £26.95 ($34 approx.) Available now for digital download

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