New Joe Hubbard Bass Book! 50 Essential Jazz Funk Lines

50 EJFL Cover 3D


This book contains 50 Essential Jazz Funk Lines for improvisation enabling you to produce lines in the style of Hadrien Feraud, Jeff Berlin, Jaco Pastorius, John Patitucci and Matt Garrison.    Musical concepts contained within these lines include Pentatonics, Triad Pairs, Coltrane 3-Tonic Systems (Giant Steps changes), Tri-Chord Patterns, Chromaticism, Intervallics and much, much more!  Also included is an in-depth breakdown on how to apply these lines over different chord changes.

This is What You’ll Get:

green_tick_smallPDF E-Book (tablature included)

green_tick_small50 MP3 Tracks with Joe Hubbard playing each example at both slow to faster tempos

green_tick_smallPlay-Along Track

green_tick_smallA ‘How to Practice’ Video

green_tick_smallBonus Tracks: ‘Alien Nation’ and ‘A Seat at the Table’ featuring Joe Hubbard (bass), George Whitty (keyboards) & Tom Brechtlein (drums)

This book will be an excellent resource for any student of jazz improvisation and will enable you to develop some great modern lines that will amaze your friends and fellow musicians!  Contained within this book are many ‘self-help’ improvisational strategies and concepts that will instantly turbo-charge your skills, but most people never talk about them- I honestly don’t know why because they are so simple to understand!


PLEASE READ! After you purchase this book, you will receive an email that will enable you to download the PDF eBook.  Make sure you do this within 24 hours because the link will expire otherwise.  Once you have downloaded the eBook, go to the Introduction Page of the eBook and at the bottom of the page you will find the link to the MP3s, the video and the bonus tracks.  Your password for that page is listed there as well.

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8 Responses to New Joe Hubbard Bass Book! 50 Essential Jazz Funk Lines

  1. Manas Chowdhary says:

    Looking forward to get the book… Thx a lot..!

  2. Louis says:

    I’m thinking this the book I’ve been looking for….for years….

  3. zapdady says:

    I hope that your book is not going to require “Joe Hubbard” type chops to play.

  4. Andrew gifford says:

    one for me please !!!

  5. Lawrence says:

    Another Great book from Joe…I love his method of teaching!
    Hey Joe,

    I purchased the funk lines book lastnight. I received the digital copy of the book, however I didn’t receive:

    1. Access to 50 MP3 Tracks where you demonstrate all the lines from slow to fast
    2. A Play-Along trackA 13 minute ‘How to Practice’ instructional video
    3. New Joe Hubbard Bonus Tracks: Alien Nation and A Seat at the Table.

    Can u please tell me how do I access these or when will they be available. Thank you.

    • Joe Hubbard says:

      Hi Lawrence
      You’ll find the link in the Introduction to the book. It’s password protected and your password will be listed as well. Glad you are digging this book!



  6. Bruce Dayman says:

    I order the book Joe and am looking forward to it; however, when I clicked on the link it said it had expired?

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