As musicians, we’re all familiar with the concept of practice, but have you ever heard of Kaizen?  Kaizen is a Japanese term that translates to “continuous improvement” or “change for the better.”  In the world of music, it represents the idea of staying curious, current and committed to lifelong learning and growth.  For bass guitarists, this means refining your instrumental skills, exploring new concepts and learning from a variety of sources- including books.

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of continuous learning in music, and how it can help you to become a better bass guitarist.  To help kick-start your Kaizen journey, I’m offering a limited-time sale on all my downloadable books from April 3-9, with a 50% discount!

Why Kaizen Matters for Musicians

The music industry is constantly evolving and so are the skills required to succeed in it.  Bass guitarists who embrace the Kaizen philosophy understand that their learning journey never truly ends.  Continuous learning offers several benefits:

Mastery of your instrument: As you learn new techniques and concepts, you become a more versatile and proficient bass guitarist.

Adaptability: Staying up to date with different styles, concepts and technologies helps you to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry.

Creativity: Continuous learning sparks curiosity and opens the door for fresh ideas and inspiration.

Books: An Underrated Learning Tool for Bass Guitarists

While many musicians learn through hands-on experience, books remain a valuable resource for expanding your knowledge and skills.  Some advantages of learning through books include:

Structured Learning: Books offer a well-organised learning experience, enabling you to understand complex concepts with simple step-by-step chunks.

Learning at your own pace: Unlike in-person lessons or courses, books allow you to learn at a speed that suits you best.

Access to expert knowledge: With over four decades of experience as a professional bass player and educator and 20 years of study with jazz guru Charlie Banacos, the material that you will learn will provide you with unprecedented insights and tips.

JHB Limited-Time Sale: Boost Your Bass Skills with these Downloadable Books

To encourage continuous learning among bass guitarists, I’m offering a 50% discount on all my downloadable books from April 3-9.  Titles include:

  • How to Practice with Maximum Efficiency
  • Functional Harmonic Concepts
  • Killer Finger Funk Grooves
  • 72 Essential II V I Lines
  • The Triad Sudoku Workbook
  • Chord Tone Mastery
  • The Sight-Reading Compendium for Electric Bass
  • Jeff Andrews Walking Bass Master Class
  • Chord Tone Sudoku
  • 50 Essential Jazz Funk Lines
  • Walking Bass Lines


Additionally, I’m including a 50% discount on 12 PDFs from my YouTube Transcription Page, which accompany select videos on my YouTube Channel.


In the spirit of Kaizen and continuous learning, don’t miss this opportunity to expand your bass guitar skills and knowledge.  Remember, this sale only lasts from April 3-9, 2023. So, act now and invest in your musical growth!

Someone smart, once said, “Wealth is a result of commitment to continuous learning.”  Take this chance to invest in your musical future and watch as your bass guitar skills and career flourish!

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