The Chord Tone Sudoku WorkbookFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

[London, UK] – Bass players of all styles and skill levels will be excited to learn about the release of a new book by Joe Hubbard, The Triad Sudoku Workbook: Discovering the Hidden Melodic Power of Triads.  The book offers a unique approach to learning and incorporating triads into bass playing, providing a strong stable foundation for bass lines, while allowing for more intricate and creative melodic lines to be played on top of that.

This innovative book is like no other book ever produced on triads.  It uses the popular puzzle game Sudoku to teach you the essential building blocks of jazz improvisation – triads & non tertial triads – in an effective and efficient way, while honing both your soft and hard musical skills at the same time.

The Triad Sudoku Workbook also offers a 6-step process for practicing triads, which will skyrocket your bass playing and add depth and more interesting harmonisations for jazz solos.  Triads can easily be manipulated and altered to create unique and interesting lines to fit any chord quality, adding new levels of complexity and flavour to your music.  With over 80 pages of examples, diagrams, exercises and tablature, The Triad Sudoku Workbook offers a refreshing break from the usual major and minor chords and will greatly expand your harmonic vocabulary and overall understanding of harmony.

“I wrote this book because I believe that triads are an essential part of any bass player’s harmonic vocabulary.” Says Joe Hubbard, author of The Triad Sudoku Workbook.  “By learning triads all over the fretboard and incorporating this into your playing, you’ll be able to understand and hear much more complex improvisation concepts and create more interesting and creative bass lines and solos.”

The Triad Sudoku Workbook is now available for purchase at a 30% discount for £20.97 ($25.71 approx.) sale ends Jan 31 at midnight.  This book is perfect for bass players of all styles and skill levels and is sure to become a go-to resource for anyone looking to improve their bass playing.

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