September 15, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that Joe Hubbard is now endorsing IQS bass strings from Italy.  Joe will be joining the ranks of IQS endorsers that include Federico Malaman, Wojtek Plilichowski, Kai Eckhardt, Lorenzo Feliciati and Andrew Gouche.

Joe is currently using their nickel wound hex core round wound strings.  The gauges that Joe prefers are 45-65-85-105-125.   These bass strings have added a defining punch combined with clarity, sustain and durability to Joe’s bass sound.

When asked why Joe decided to choose IQS bass strings over everything else, he replied, “These bass strings are perfectly balanced across the fretboard, as well as sounding perfectly in tune with themselves compared to any other bass strings on the market that I’ve tried…and I’ve pretty much tried everything over the past 40 years.”

For more information about IQS Bass Strings, and online ordering options- CLICK HERE!


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