So, I wanted to respond to some of the common questions that I get about my books…


“Is there a progressive order to your books?” 

“How would you rate them from beginner to advanced?”


Well, there isn’t a strict order per say, but putting them in level categories would help for you to choose something appropriate.

Beginner Level:

  • How to Practice with Maximum Efficiency
  • Walking Bass Lines
  • The Sight Reading Compendium

Intermediate Level:

  • Chord Tone Sudoku
  • Functional Harmonic Concepts
  • Chord Tone Mastery

Advanced Level:

  • 72 Essential II V I Lines
  • The Jeff Andrew’s Walking Bass Masterclass
  • 50 Essential Jazz Funk Lines
  • Killer Finger Funk Grooves

So, this pretty much sums it up for both questions.  The quintessential order so far, as well as grouping all 10 of my book titles into 3-levels of continuous development.

To order the books the books of your choice, please check out the JHB Book Store!

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