Creating Interesting Bass Lines

Check out this free video where I’m teaching my “Two Chord” Drill.  Practicing over two successive chords is a great way to start learning how to play interesting bass lines over a complete set of chord changes.  Looking at chords in groups of two, instead of trying to negotiate the entire harmonic progression of a tune, is a very effective practice method to become comfortable while building bass lines over songs spontaneously.

Be sure to download the PDF worksheet and MP3 backing track below:

PDF Worksheet

Backing Track

All the Bass!


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One Response to Creating Interesting Bass Lines

  1. Neagu Constantin says:

    Great stuff, Joe! Many thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. A real professional, like you, do not hesitate to be generous with the others bass players. I’ve learned a lot from you and I’m grateful for. The PDF worksheet is very useful for understanding the concepts. As a personal remarque, I would appreciate if would not have omitted the dead notes from the sheet.

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