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Here you can purchase products focusing on a variety of comprehensive bass guitar courses that will provide you with structured and productive practice routines based on the techniques and drills from my renowned bass guitar teaching method.

Best of all! All products feature relevant but challenging programs for all levels!  A must for both students and teachers alike!


How to Practice with Maximum Efficiency!
61 Practice Hacks to Fast-Track Your Musical Skills and Performance to the Next Level

How to Practice with Maximum Efficiency combines both the art


and the science of practicing a musical instrument together into an easy to understand coherent system that features 61 Practice Hacks that will fast-track your musical sills and performance to the next level.


Price:£22.50  ($25 approx.) Available now for digital download
50 EJFL Cover 3D


This book contains 50 Essential Jazz Funk Lines for improvisation enabling you to


produce lines in the style of Hadrien Feraud, Jeff Berlin, Jaco Pastorius, John Patitucci and Matt Garrison. Musical concepts contained within these lines include Pentatonics, Triad Pairs, Coltrane 3-Tonic Systems (Giant Steps changes), Tri-Chord Patterns, Chromaticism, Intervallics and much, much more! Also included is an in-depth breakdown on how to apply these lines over different chord changes.


Price:£26.95 ($34 approx.) Available now for digital download


The Sight Reading Compendium for Electric Bass

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“Joe Hubbard’s Sight Reading Compendium for Electric Bass really


breaks new ground, and has inarguably been prepared with an undeniable level of musical intelligence and attention to detail…I honestly endorse few bass instructional publications, but can say unreservedly this is the best overall guide to sight reading on the bass that I have yet to encounter!”  –Rufus Philpot (Planet X, Alan Holdsworth, Down To The Bone, Randy Brecker)


Price:£42.50 £33.50 ($50 approx.) Available now for digital download
Walking Bass Lines

Walking Bass Lines

(Click Here For Sample Page!)

“Walking Bass Lines is a wonderful book!  It is perfectly formatted…in fact,


I use the same approach; the only difference is that Joe has spelled it out for you much better than I ever could.”  Damian Erskine (Jaco Pastorius Big Band, Peter Erskine, Gino Vanelli)


Price: £15.95£12.50 ($18 approx) Available now for digital download


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Functional Harmonic Concepts

A Unique and Holistic Approach Towards Understanding and Applying Functional


Do you want to be able to memorise songs quicker? Do you want to be able to create great bass lines over a set of chord changes?
Do you want to be able to hear the chords you are playing over? Do you want to learn how to write your own chord progressions?


Price: £29.95 ($42 approx) Available Now For Digital Download


Chord Tone Sudoku Workbook

Discover the Problem Solving Principles to Mastering Chord Tones


Joe Hubbard’s Chord Tone Sudoku Workbook, is more than just a method book, taking you deep inside the bass guitar fingerboard into the world of chord tone recognition. Understanding chord tone recognition is essential to learning how to improvise spontaneously over a harmonic progression. This book will enable you to apply this concept in real-world performance scenarios, along with a deepened understanding of the theory required to master these principles once and for all!


Price: £18.95 ($23 approx.)

“Joe Hubbard is one of the best bass teachers that I know…which makes him one of the rare gems in bass education.”   –Jeff Berlin


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