Breathing is the Key to Playing Bass Guitar


It’s Saturday night and you’re just about to go on stage to play a high energy gig.  The drummer counts you in and as the fanfare begins you are beginning to feel a bit tense.  The band is kicking it old school and as you get closer and closer to your 16 bar bass guitar feature you’ve noticed a slight decrease in stamina followed by tightness in your shoulders , while  your fingers feel like they are starting to cramp up.  When the big moment happens the tension consumes you and your performance is uninspiring as a result.  What happened?  Why does this always happen in your big bass moment?  If you are lucky, a forward thinking teacher might point out to you that you are periodically holding your breath when you play!

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Majoring In Banacos!

I recently discovered an interesting piece of information related to my teacher Charlie Banacos that I felt compelled to share with you.  It has to do with lineage!  In regard to music education, lineage is what maps out the “line of descendants” of a particular teacher.  This is important because it outlines how the art and science of music has been handed down and preserved from teacher to student throughout the ages. 

Charlie Banacos

Charlie Banacos

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Creating Interesting Bass Lines

Check out this free video where I’m teaching my “Two Chord” Drill.  Practicing over two successive chords is a great way to start learning how to play interesting bass lines over a complete set of chord changes.  Looking at chords in groups of two, instead of trying to negotiate the entire harmonic progression of a tune, is a very effective practice method to become comfortable while building bass lines over songs spontaneously.

Be sure to download the PDF worksheet and MP3 backing track below:

PDF Worksheet

Backing Track

All the Bass!


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Bass Guitar Technique

What is wrong with this picture?

Bad Technique

Bad bass guitar technique?  You got it in one and this unfortunately is subscribed by many as being current, young and/or hip.  There are a deluge of music educational programs that – in an attempt to attract more bass guitar students – use these very same pictures in their advertisements; buyer beware!

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Know Mind / No Mind


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