“Peace” Solo Bass Arrangement


In this video I performed the Horace Silver tune Peace as a solo bass arrangement. The harmonic structure of this tune is interesting and contains some cool chord substitutions. This lesson is going to break down the harmonic content for analysis purposes.

Peace by Horace Silver is comprised of a ten bar form phrased in two groups of 4-bars and one group of 2-bars. In order to understand the harmonic structure of any tune, we need to analyse the chord changes and discover how the progression relates to the overall key areas using diatonic and non-diatonic harmony consisting of modal interchange, tri-tone substitution, secondary dominants and extended dominant chords.

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How to Learn a Piece of Music Fast in 3-Steps

musical blueprint

In order to learn a piece of music fast, we need to be aware of the following 3 steps:

First– analyse the piece of music and make sure that you understand all of the elements (melody, rhythm, harmony, counterpoint and form) along with the technical considerations that are instrument specific.

Secondly– play at a tempo that gives you complete control over everything; develop the ability to look ahead- anticipating each note and the resulting hand movements to play them accurately. Remember that control comes from constant listening and evaluation.

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Improvisation in the Style of James Jamerson

Study Bass with Joe Hubbard- The Teacher to the Pro’s!  Former students include Pino Palladino, Paul Turner (Jamiroquai), Mike Mondesir (Billy Cobham), Dave Swift (Jools Holland) and so many more!  In this lesson Joe will teach you a set of improvisational tactics used by the legendary Motown bassist James Jamerson. 

James Jamerson

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10 Things That All Bass Players Should Know About Jaco

1)  Jaco was hired by Joe Zawinul of Weather Report to play bass on the award winning jazz record Heavy Weather as a session bassist.  Jaco ended up contributing as a composer with two of the most iconic tunes in jazz fusion history- Teen Town and Havona.

2)  Jaco’s musical personality connected in such a deep way with Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter that he ended up getting credited as co-producer for Heavy Weather and Mr. Gone.

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Breathing is the Key to Playing Bass Guitar


It’s Saturday night and you’re just about to go on stage to play a high energy gig.  The drummer counts you in and as the fanfare begins you are beginning to feel a bit tense.  The band is kicking it old school and as you get closer and closer to your 16 bar bass guitar feature you’ve noticed a slight decrease in stamina followed by tightness in your shoulders , while  your fingers feel like they are starting to cramp up.  When the big moment happens the tension consumes you and your performance is uninspiring as a result.  What happened?  Why does this always happen in your big bass moment?  If you are lucky, a forward thinking teacher might point out to you that you are periodically holding your breath when you play!

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